Employee satisfaction in efu life insurance

It is our pleasure to have the most valued and respected facilitator Mr. The substance that we have gained during the semester and by assignments from him was an introduction for us in the field of Organizational Behavior, we certainly believe in its function which would be benefited through out our career in an organized manner. Letter of Authorization Dated: It was a pleasure creating this report; here we would like to take the opportunity to thank our course instructor Mr.

Employee satisfaction in efu life insurance

Work finally becomes fun, retirement planning remains critical, and you are spending money like there's no tomorrow.

Though there most certainly is. Doing so has benefits: Job switchers were 9 percent more likely to still be working at age 65 or beyond than those who stuck with their old roles.

Employee satisfaction in efu life insurance

The flip side to that: Almost 1 in 10 people are still in the workforce as they enter their eighth decade.

Nearly 3 out of 5 retirees move into new lines of work. Eighty percent of them said they continued to work past age 65 because they wanted to, not just because they had to.

Employee satisfaction in efu life insurance

They said working now, compared with how they felt about their jobs before retirement, is more flexible, fun and fulfilling — and way less boring and stressful.

You have likely saved less than your younger friends … The average plus person's retirement savings goal: No wonder 54 percent of employed year-olds plan to work until at least Two in 7 people in their 60s admitted they're not confident their money will last through retirement, and 1 in 11 had no economic blueprint for their retirement years, a National Council on Aging survey revealed.

You own three or four credit cards and usually pay them in full … While many somethings still carry credit card debtsome 60 percent of them pay their credit card bills in full each month; only 42 percent of people in their 50s do so.

The average something's credit score: According to a Boston College economist who tracks consumer credit trends, scores rise with age, with the big bump between the fifth and sixth decades.

Keep it up and you'll hit in your 70s, he says.

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Forty percent of somethings say they're spending more on home maintenance. They also say they're cutting back on travel, leisure-time fun stuff, consumer electronics and, uh-oh, retirement investing, a national survey found.

You can relax about the big debts … Three great things about money in your 60s: Forty-one percent of people in this age group own their home free and clear, compared with 24 percent of those in their 50s, according to one national survey.

You likely aren't paying off a kid's college loan anymore just 5 percent are.

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As a result, you've got breathing room. More than 55 percent of somethings have three months' worth of emergency funds, whereas just 40 percent of young adults have this.Compensation Management Report on EFU Life Insurance - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

As part of its growth EFU life insurance has opportunities in Sales & Sales Management. The job is both exciting and challenging, a wonderful opportunity to earn and grow.

While for sales consultant experience is not necessary, for managers experience in sales and team management is required. EFU General Insurance The company was founded in and entered the Pakistan market in , with a Karachi based head office.

It quickly became an advanced company that set high standards for competitors not only in the region but also in Afro-Asian countries. JOB SATISFACTION IN INSURANCE SECTOR: AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION Singh Anita Associate Prof.

& Areachairperson -HR, IMS, Ghaziabad to highlight the factors that affect the job satisfaction of an employee in the insurance sector.

The major covered under various life insurance schemes, the. Employee benefits typically refers to retirement plans, health life insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, vacation, employee stock ownership plans, etc. Benefits are increasingly expensive for businesses to provide to employees, so the range and options of benefits are changing rapidly to include, for example, flexible benefit plans.

Letter of Acknowledgement This report is based on the analysis of employee satisfaction of “EFU General Insurance Limited”. It is our fortune to have personnel of “EFU General Insurance Limited” whose corporation and guidance contributed tremendously to .

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