Importance of guru

My dear friends, today, on the occasion of Gurupournima, let us understand the importance of the Guru in our life. The Guru is the one who takes out ignorance from us. Our teachers are our Guru.

Importance of guru

As per these age-old cultures, a Guru, a teacher is next to the God, and therefore an integral part of the society and its building process.

This year, the auspicious day of Guru Purnima will be celebrated on July 27, Oh teacher, you are akin to the Gods. Oh teacher, you are the supreme being, and you are Lord Brahma for me. Thus, oh revered teacher, I bow in front of you. In the word Guru - Gu means darkness, ignorance and Ru implies elimination or removal.

So, Guru Importance of guru literally the one who removes the darkness of ignorance from our lives, makes us knowledgeable and brings positivity in our life and mind.

History of Guru Purnima It is said that, the Guru Vyasa wrote all the 4 Vedas that were recited by the Lord Brahma and every person in this world is in debt for the work, that saint Vyasa did.

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He also wrote several Purans. Purnima word is used because on this day, there is a full moon. As this day is dedicated towards the Gurus, people irrespective of caste etc offer their prayers to their gurus thanking them for the knowledge they have provided to the learner.

Guru or a teacher is someone who acts like a guide in our lives directing us to the right path for our betterment.

Importance of guru

Therefore, it is a fine way of paying the homage to them through the day of Guru Purnima. Ved Vyas is referred as one of the greatest Gurus in Indian Philosophy. He symbolizes the Guru-Shishya teacher-student tradition. It is also believed that he completed the Brahma Sutras on the day of Guru Purnima.

It was assumed that a guru would help them find the right direction in life.

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Parents are the first teachers in our life, and thus the Indian culture also considers parents as the Gurus. If my Guru and God were standing together, to whom should I bow down to first?

Well, in that case, I would choose to bow down to my Guru first, for he is the one who has helped me see and identify the God. It is impossible to find God without the help of a learned teacher. He who cannot understand his teacher is blind.

If the Lord is displeased with you, your teacher can save you from His anger and punishment. Meet the person who you consider to be your Guru. You may worship Him on this day. You may also recite Dutt Baavani. If Jupiter is in its Sign of debilitation, i. If Jupiter is in its House of debilitation, i.Paul Mampilly has put his education to good use within the finance sector, especially his MBA from Fordham University.

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Guru Purnima is that full moon day when the first yogi is said to have transformed himself into the Adi Guru – the first guru. This is the time of the year when his attention fell upon the now celebrated Saptarishis – his first seven disciples.

In Hinduism a guru symbolizes greatness, excellence, size, importance, status, responsibility, etc. The words of a guru (guru vac) are like the words of God (brahma vac).

The teaching of a guru (upadesam) is similar to a verbal testimony (pramana). When a business analyst meets their project objectives, there’s no magic or luck involved!


In Fact: Research shows that the ability to eliminate misunderstanding between project stakeholders is highly dependent on the way a project is launched. The guru-disciple relationship is the highest expression of friendship, for it is based on unconditional divine love and wisdom.

Importance of guru

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