Sec450 ilab1 report

Why was it necessary to use the extended Ping command as opposed to the simple version of the command? Hint Read and study the explanations within the lab for assistance. Task 10, Step 2:

Sec450 ilab1 report

It offers a priority-controlled page cache and high performance for large data sets. Qt is used Sec450 ilab1 report application framework. Python can be used for script controlled access to a large part of the MeVisLab functionality.

The script binding to Qt is implemented via PythonQt.

Sec450 ilab1 report

For image processing via Python, NumPy is available. Object-oriented Python programming in MeVisLab is possible. Three open source libraries are integrated: Based on modules, networks can be created and applications can be built.

To support the creation of image processing networks, MeVisLab offers an IDE that allows data-flow modelling by visual programming. Important IDE features are the multiple document interface MDImodule and connection inspectors with docking ability, advanced search, scripting and debugging consoles, movie and screenshot generation and galleries, module testing and error handling support.

The resulting networks can be modified dynamically by scripts at runtime. Macro modules can be created to encapsulate subnetworks of modules, scripting functionality and high-level algorithms. On top of the networks, the medical application level with viewers and UI panels can be added.

MeVisLab forum[ edit ] MeVisLab offers a very well-supported public forum in which core developers as well as users of all levels of experience share information.

A free registration is necessary. Fields of application, research projects[ edit ] Application building with MeVisLab MeVisLab has been used in a wide range of medical and clinical applications, including surgery planning [16] for liver, [17] [18] [19] [20] lung, [21] [22] head [23] [24] and neck and other body regions, analysis of dynamic, contrast enhanced breast [25] [26] and Prostate MRI, quantitative analysis of neurologic [27] and cardiovascular image series, [28] [29] orthopedic quantification and visualization, tumor lesion volumetry [30] and therapy monitoring, [31] enhanced visualization of mammograms, 3D breast ultrasound and tomosynthesis image data, and many other applications.

MeVisLab is also used as a training and teaching tool [32] [33] for image processing both general and medical [34] and visualization techniques.

Sec450 ilab1 report

MeVisLab is and has been used in many research projects, including: MeVisLab can also be used to generate surface models of biomedical images and to export them in Universal 3D format for embedding in PDF files.

The software can be used under three different license models: Under this license, a restricted feature set is available. For strictly private use or for use at non-commercial institutions, such as universities, other academic institutions or non-profit organizations.

Full feature set, requires a separate license file with costs. For use at commercial companies, institutions or research laboratories. None of the above license models permits the redistribution of the MeVisLab SDK or parts thereof, or using MeVisLab or parts thereof as part of a commercial service or product.

Contributors as of are:As the iLab tasks are completed, students will include screenshots, and answer questions in the iLab Report document. This iLab Report document will be submitted to the iLab Dropbox for Week 4.

Supporting Documentation. SEC SEC/ SEC WEEK 1 Security Testing iLab1 Report. SEC SEC/ SEC WEEK 1 Security Testing iLab1 Report-devry Download here SEC SEC/ SEC You will submit the completed file into the this week’s eCollege iLab Dropbox.

Note: RED text indicates the required capture of commands or windows from the OpNet program into your lab document. All completed tables and answered questions in the lab assignment must be transferred to your submitted lab document. SEC Advanced Network Security with Lab Entire Course Security Policy issues (graded) What are the key components of a good security policy?

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