Smiling despite the adversities

Always smiling despite adversities. Just take this comment from the CNN website as an example:

Smiling despite the adversities

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Almost all the other half will go the same way if one does not worry over them. De Puy, "Happiness in the Home: It even has the part where they say, "Stand by.

We are experiencing temporary difficulties. She may destroy me, and I may go laughing over the hills. A few hours mutilated, and eternity lies in the residuum. She may mar the realities, but what of my dreams!

V," At the Roots of Grasses, Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave.

They know they can survive. Merwin When in sickness, age, or sorrow, Through great shadows we must move, Of all earthly lights the dearest Shines from hearts of those we love. Everyone knows exactly how to solve the other fellow's. It seems in the deep waters of social life, as in those of the sea, we should not be able to get the beautiful things they contained, if it was not that storms threw them on our shores.

We can discern much, as you say, when they are clear, but their greatest treasures are only given up after agitation. The waters must be troubled before they heal. I am afraid our waters are as restless as the ocean, so they should at least be always healing.

Human progression is a strange thing, such oscillations backwards and forwards, it is often most difficult to see that any advance is made Antagonism and division seem ruling spirits of our age.

We struggle for union and seek the wells of contentment, and find only the waters of strife; but let us have comfort and remember that when the waters are troubled it is only that they may heal.

A Rocky Lane in Summer," Remember when life's path is steep to keep your mind even. After all, every person born has recovered from nine months on life support. I am the steadfastness that came out of my wavering. I am the joy of living that was born of my despair. I am the poise that was born of my great unrest.

Baruch Again and again we cry "I can bear no more! And again and again we bear more, — that is the god of us. Andrew Helt The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt. A more than commonly plain and unmistakable reminder that the affairs of this life are not of our own ordering.

Merwin Had life been more abundant, I could not know the deep craving that comes from the sparsity of it. Had it been more verdant, I could not know the desert's pain. We feel a thousand miseries till we are lucky enough to feel misery. SunWolf, April 29th tweet, professorsunwolf. Our antagonist is our helper.

Or read it a poem. Or bake it chocolate chip cookies. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength. Put down the stone in your fist. Write a poem on it, instead.

Smiling despite the adversities

SunWolf, December 31st tweet, professorsunwolf.14 rows · [This post is part of a series on people who succeed despite adversity. If . Adversity, "mischance," "misfortune," and "mishap" all suggest difficulty of one sort or another.

"Adversity" particularly applies to a state of grave or persistent misfortune (as in "a childhood marked by great adversity"). "Mishap" suggests an often trivial instance of bad luck (as in "the usual mishaps of a family vacation").

I acknowledge myself and all of the other women who have drawn strength from troubles and who have persevered despite the adversities you may be facing!

You are amazing 😊 michellemontique So happy to see you smiling we love keesha God bless you dear.

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The world often sees Filipinos as a resilient people. Always smiling despite adversities. Resourceful. Just take this comment from the CNN website as an example.

“Difficulties and adversities viciously force all their might on us and cause us to fall apart, but they are necessary elements of individual growth and reveal our true potential. We have got to endure and overcome them, and move forward.

Smiling despite the adversities

She went through so many hardships throughout her life, but always put on a happy face, and kept smiling despite these adversities. This song has been dedicated to both of their memories.

This upbeat and heartwarming song will get your hands clapping, feet tapping, and bring a smile to your face;) Download and enjoy!

Despite All Adversities