The bible accounting fraud

Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers 7 Howbeit there was.

The bible accounting fraud

Pious fraud was a common technique employed by early Christian writers to make a point. Their intention was to convert anyone and everyone by any means available. One of the more persuasive methods was to write a text and falsely tell others that it was written in first person.

For example, the four canonized gospel tales were not written by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. That has been a well known fact for about years. And to this day, no one knows who the gospel stories were written by. These texts are perfect examples of pious fraud. Pious fraud is the foundation of the deception known as Christianity and it continues to this day.

During the first couple of centuries of the Common Era the early Christian priestcraft, which would eventually become the early Catholic fathers, were in the process of assimilating religions from all over Europe.

Ultimately the new religion become known as the Christian religion, or more accurately The Catholic Church. The Bible was put together by hundreds of people who were either at the head of the fraud or were pawns in its assembly.

Once the original languages were translated into Latin, it was only a matter of time before the original language nuances could be discarded. Ever wonder why it was punishable by death to read the Bible during the Middle Ages? Punishable by death by the common folk to read it, that is. Well, the reason was that the priestcraft was well aware of the errors, inconsistencies and flat-out lies that riddled the Bible.

If the common man found out, it could have been the death of the Church's authority, power and control over the masses. And since the original languages are rarely, if ever, used by those who read the Bible well, those who actually READ itthe fraud is perpetuated.

When a pious fraud is knowingly perpetuated in the name of power and money, you have deception. Remember, years ago, when these texts were being assembled into a 'new testament', the vast majority of humanity was illiterate.

Science was not known. Demons rules the world. Anything could be put forth and said to be 'absolute truth' when it was in fact, completely fraudulent. What is the implication of this? The implication is self-evident. The story of Genesis, that Christian proselytizers love to advance altho it is part of the much older Jewist textsis a complete and utter forgery.

In that story we are led to believe that there was a single god who created the earth, etc. Not only has science proven the timeline to be completely false, the religious aspect is a complete fabrication.

The bible accounting fraud

At the time that the Genesis story was supposed to have been written the Hewbrew people were not monotheistic. They believed in many gods and Genesis proves it.

The story actually goes back to before the Hebrews were a distinct people-it is not Hebrew in origin. Pious Fraud in Translation Let's take a look at the very first words of the book of Genesis.But no accounting shall be asked from them for the money that is delivered into their hand, for they deal honestly.” Berean Study Bible But they need not account for the money put into their hands, since they work with integrity.”.

Enjoy and understand your King James Bible far better. abduction. Unlawful removal of a person (often a child) from their home environment.

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Nov 18,  · Fraud in churches is a multibillion dollar problem. In institutions known for trust and faith, individuals are taking advantage of these .

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What Does the Bible Say About Accounting Fraud?