Thesis about postpartum depression

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Thesis about postpartum depression

First and foremost we must understand that we are ultimately made of the earth. The same chemical elements found in soil make up our bodies. The food we obtain and consume must ultimately have a direct relationship with good healthy mineral -nutrient rich soil full of healthy live beneficial organisms.

Our nutrition must come from plants and animals as we are indeed omnivorous creatures. These plants and animals must ultimately get their food either directly or indirectly from the soil. It is our mineral-deficient soils that are likely causing a majority of our modern health issues.

Food crops grown on depleted soils produce malnourished bodies that then fall prey to all sorts of disease. When we lack minerals, we lack vitamins, because minerals are catalysts to vitamins in the body.

Soil depletion has been well documented since the US Senate made their study back in Not to mention, the animals we consume also need to be raised on good quality pastures with good soil conditions as well. Also, low stomach acid can be a sign of low zinc because zinc is needed in the body to help produce stomach acid.

Cortisone — used for pain and inflammation can contribute to severe calcium loss with prolonged use. It also depletes potassium. Pharmaceutical Drugs — this is too vast to go into, suffice it to say all drugs deplete the body of a vast amount of nutrients. Birth Control Pills — deplete magnesium and zinc, along with numerous other vitamins.

And since they have a direct impact on our hormones this also plays with our ability to get the minerals needed. They cause excess copper in the body, which can be toxic, this is why zinc becomes depleted as these two minerals are antagonistic to each other.

Thesis about postpartum depression

You will be losing potassium and sodium as well. The same goes for caffeine in general. It can also deplete, calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, potassium and chromium.

Soda consumption — contains excess phosphorous which leads to reduced body storage of calcium because they compete for absorption in the intestines. Soday also causes potassium loss. Sugar— for every molecule of sugar our bodies use 54 molecules of magnesium to process it.

Insulin surges use up our zinc. Sugar also depletes magnesium, potassium and robs your bones of minerals in general. A high sugar diet results in increased losses of chromium through the urine.

Thesis about postpartum depression

Excess Insulin— causes calcium to be retained by the body through re-absorption by the kidneys. Excess Estrogen — decreases calcium excretion. Same effects as birth control also apply. Hyperthyroidism— causes increased calcium losses and increased calcium resorption from the bone.

Creates the need for more magnesium. Often more copper is needed, along with iodine. Perhaps it would be better stated that deficiencies of selenium play a role in low thyroid hormone production Stress— depletes magnesium. The Standard American Diet S. Magnesium and chromium, and all minerals really are also lost in processing and due to poor soil.

Excess Grains— phytic acid binds with the minerals in the intestine and blocks absorption, causing them to be excreted unused. Oxalates— oxalic acid is a substance which binds with calcium in the intestinal tract and actually prevents calcium absorption.

And of course, was the food raised properly on mineral rich soils. Pregnancy- it takes a lot of nutrients to make a baby, and minerals are no exception. If mother is already low in mineral stores she will become further depleted as her body takes the nutrients to build a healthy baby.Common causes.

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Women in the postpartum period should be screened for anger in addition to depression and anxiety, new research from the University of British Columbia suggests.

Women in the postpartum period.

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